Blues Singer





"Perfect night of pure, raw sound from blues singer. In performance, Layton’s commitment is 100%…as long as she keeps singing, the blues will never die" - The Marlborough Express

Sidewalk concert"…Marg Layton, who proved beyond doubt she was the complete entertainer; the full splendour of her warm, vibrant voice brought instant rapport with audience and colleagues alike. …… Everyone smiled here" – review in The Press of concert for the Festival of Romance, Christchurch

"She can croon, she can belt and she can bend those blue notes a treat...'Hard to classify' has become a cliché of the first rank, but in Marg Layton’s case, it does for once apply. She leaps effortlessly from idiom to idiom, yet her interpretations remained at all times honest and original." - review by The Press of concert in the Great Hall, Christchurch Arts Centre

"You'll be singing from your grave!" - Sam Hunt, National Poetry Day July 2002

Soundshell Wellington
Aoraki Arts Festival

Marg, Amos Garrett & Kokomo

Sep 2016